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Cocktail in Bar
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Route 1: Enjoy cozy bars and 3 cocktails for


wednesday till sunday from


Available every week! 

What is the cocktail walk

Discover Amsterdam's fantastic bars and cocktails! 


The WOGO Cocktail Walk is an self-guided event where participants visit three cocktail bars and enjoy a variety of cocktails. It is a fun way to explore different locations and try new drinks, similar to a pub crawl, but it focuses on cocktails instead of beer. Participants will purchase tickets in advance and receive a map outlining the route and cocktails available at each location. Our Cocktail Walks are a fun and social way to experience the city, and they are popular among tourists and locals alike!


Let us be your self-guided cocktail tour, and visit three of the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam. You'll undoubtedly have a fun night out with your date, partner or friends at an attractive price. Each Cocktail Walk ticket includes three unique cocktails (one at every bar you visit), a reservation at each bar, and a Cocktail Walk map with directions to the bars. Scroll down for more information.


We make walking a whole lot more fun!
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cocktail Walk details

Visit three Bars

For the Cocktail Walk, we've selected three of our favourite bars, all within walkable distance from each other. After you complete your booking, we will send you the cocktail guide with the directions and the menu.

Cocktails Included

Tickets are €25.95 and include one cocktail at every bar you visit. You can choose between two cocktails from our special menu at each bar. All you have to do is tell the bartender your name, and they will serve you some fantastic cocktails!


Tickets are by person and by name. Click the button below to visit the booking screen and select the date and time you want to start. We will take care of the rest!

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Ticket price


Start Times Available

Days Available

Included Cocktails

Available until


± 2 -3 hours

16:00h - 23:00h

Mon - Sun


 August 2024

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