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Tropical Cocktail walk

Amsterdam Oost

3 cocktails
€29,95 at
unique bars

3 cocktails
3 bar reservations
Thur - Sat
3-4 hour self-guided

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Visit Three bars

Discover three of Amsterdam's most unique cocktail bars in one unforgettable night, specially curated for you, including three cocktails! Begin your evening at a mesmerizing venue nestled in Amsterdam's East, where vintage charm meets Brazilian tribal allure, promising exotic flavors and a vibrant atmosphere. Next, venture to a spot where Mexican culinary traditions are elevated with every sip and bite, offering a taste of authentic ingredients and flavors. Save the best for last as you step into a Caribbean-inspired paradise in Amsterdam Oost, where rum-infused cocktails and laid-back island vibes await, ensuring your night ends on a magical note.

Cocktails Included

Tickets are €29,95 and include:

  •  Three exclusive cocktails.

  • A visit to three cocktail bars including reservations  to enjoy a variety of cocktails. Have the option to continue the night at the last bar.

  • A map with the route towards three cocktail bars with questions and games.


Tickets are bookable via WOGO. The Cocktail Walk map will be sent to you after booking per mail, which will include the reservations at the bars.

We recommend staying at each bar for 1-1,5 hours.

The Perfect activity for groups

Company outing, Bachelorette party or friends activity? The Tropical Cocktail Walk is your perfect fit. 


Contact us to tailor your experience.

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